Welcome to Built Right Roofing

Built Right Construction is a full service construction firm with over 100 years combined construction experience in residential sectors. We are proud of our growth and accomplishments over the years. We have managed to successfully meet the construction needs of clients throughout South Florida, including individual homeowners, the School District of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach County, City of Riviera Beach and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

What You Can Expect

Many of our customers are not aware of the process that is required to complete their roofing requirements.  Many things are outside of our control.  Therefore, to help you understand the time lines a little better, we offer the following explanation of what you should expect from us:


1.     The Estimate.  At your request, one of our trained expert estimators will be scheduled to meet you at your home at your convenience within days of your request.  He will inspect your roof, take measurements, and discuss your requirements with you to make certain that you get what you want.  He will explain different roofing choices, including colors and manufacturer’s warranties, and will discuss any avenues that you might consider to reduce the costs to you.  Quite often, he will be able to write up a proposal for you on the spot for your consideration.  For more complex projects, he will take your information back to the office for completion of the estimate.  He will not pressure you for a decision.  Our office staff will follow up with you in a few days to see if you have decided to proceed.


2.     The Permits.  Once you have decided to proceed with your job, you will have to sign the permit application and a notice of commencement.  We have to obtain a permit with the municipality in which we will be working.    This is designed by your local government to protect your interests.  The permit application will be submitted to the municipality with 1-3 days. It not only makes the contractor make an official application to complete a job that is defined, it requires an inspector to release the job as having been completed to code.  This process can take up to two weeks in some municipalities – only a few days in others.


3.     Scheduling.  The scheduling of our crews centers around our expectations for the receipt of the permit.  You should expect us to start right around that time. The roofing materials will be ordered and delivered on your roof.  For special order materials, our crews will be scheduled according to the expected delivery of the materials.  Your estimator or our scheduling staff in the office will explain the schedule in more detail according to your particular situation and location.  We recommend that loose items or pictures to be removed off of shelves and protected during the roof installation.


4.     Project Times.  Most homes in the area are capable of being completely re-roofed within one or two days.  This includes the tearing away of the old roof and hauling away of the debris.  The inspector has to inspect the roof sheathing for deterioration, the 30lb felt paper is properly nailed and the roof covering installation.  Upon completion of the project and a final inspection is scheduled.  During the final inspection the inspection the inspector verifies that the roof is completed and the job-site is clean.  Final inspection by the inspector will normally be from one day to one week after completion.


Most projects can be completed from estimate to final inspection in one – four weeks, depending upon the complexity of the project.